[2021] How to become an Android Developer

Jan 3, 2021·

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[2021] How to become an Android Developer

Hello explorers, I am Sanjay, Android developer. In this article I will guide you through the process of becoming an Android Developer in 2020.

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Below is the roadmap for Android Development

😅 Please forgive me… I am not good at designing.


Ability to read documentation is a crucial skill. Documentation

Let me share some resources to get you started.

Pick any language (Kotlin / Java)

I recommend Kotlin, if you want to start Android quickly.
Otherwise take Java, learn basic concepts like OOP, Threading, etc…
Kotlin:- Resources to learn
Java:- Videos to learn

Please take at least 3 months to learn new language. It looks like long, but worth it.

Android Studio

Make sure your pc meets the requirements
Get familiarized with the IDE and the project structure

Core fundamentals

Activities, Services, Broadcast receivers and Content providers — These are the core of Android.
Refer here

Android UI

Views, View groups and Custom views
You will design the UI in xml


You will separate logic and UI using resources


You can imagine fragments as mini activities

More will be updated in upcoming posts..
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